February 2014

Evektor surges forward into the new year with new sales and deliveries in the USA

Evektor presentation at Sebring US Sport Aviation Expo 2014 has become a great success for Evektor. The company signed orders for delivery of two Harmony LSA airplanes to customers in the USA. Just a week earlier Evektor dispatched another two airplanes - two SportStar MAX with Night VFR equipment to the USA.

The first of two orders for Harmony LSA was signed between Evektor and Evektor US dealer AB Flight from Pennsylvania. The IFR equipped Harmony LSA will be supplied with popular Garmin G3X Glass Cockpit with AP and Rotax 912S. The aircraft have been ordered by a flight training organization from the US North East that selected the Harmony LSA among the other LSA’s for its excellent flight characterists, proven reliability and its outstanding training platform.

The second Harmony LSA is equipped with Dynon SkyView 10“ EFIS + 10“ EMS + Synthetic Vision System and integrated SkyView Autopilot, Night VFR package and the latest Rotax 912iS engine,. The aircraft will be used for pilot touring of a private customer. The order was signed between Evektor and Evektor US dealer Dreams Come True Aviation from Ohio.

As the very first Certified LSA in the USA and with over 100 aircraft  delivered to the USA, Evektor LSA models have remained in the top 7 best selling LSA aircraft in the US. With these deliveries and sales we are confident of retaining and improving our position in the US market throughout the new year.