November 2015

Evektor delivers 2 SportStar RTCs to Sky Flight Academy in Austria

We are pleased to inform you that 2 SportStar RTCs have been delivered to the flight training organization Sky Flight Academy in Austria.

The aircraft delivered boast a modern design, advanced Dynon SkyView glass cockpit with ADAHRS, GPS Mapping & 3D Terrain / Synthetic Vision System, ballistic recovery system and the recently EASA approved KW-31 Constant Speed Propeller that increases horizontal speeds whilst improving fuel economy of the aircraft. The SportStar RTCs excellent flight characteristics, low operating costs and easy maintenance make this aircraft perfect for PPL training at flight schools, which is exactly what the SportStar RTC will be used for at Sky Flight Academy:

“As a professional ab-initio training centre in Austria with more than 3000 training hours per year we have been looking for a cost saving, reliable and fully EASA certified training aircraft. Last week we received our 2 aesthetically designed SportStar RTCs. We already love the smooth flight characteristics, the high-quality workmanship of the interior as well as one of the most advanced cockpit layouts of its class. We will use the SportStar RTC for basic training and cross country flights as well as for glider towing and demo flights for other flight schools and clubs in Austria. Wherever you show up with one of those beautiful 2-seaters you create sensation,” said Alfred Oberhofer, Accountable Manager of Sky Flight Academy.Sky Flight Academy GmbH, based in Krems an der Donau, has been a popular Flight Training Organisation in Austria since 2009. The company offers flight instructor training, as well as integrated and modular courses, type ratings and class ratings, from PPL to ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

Orders for the SportStar RTC by air clubs and flight training organisations continue to grow. Apart from the delivery of the 2 SportStar RTCs to Austria, there have been 4 SportStar RTC deliveries to aeroclubs in France, 2 to the Ursel aeroclub in Belgium and 1 aircraft to the Aeroclub ziemi Jaroslawske in Poland just in the past 3 months. Another 5 SportStar RTCs shall be delivered to flight training organizations early December.


Evektor successfully passes audit of the Civil Aviation Administration of China

Evektor has successfully passed the audit of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) at its production plant in Kunovice, Czech Republic. The CAAC audit was focused on Quality Assurance, Engineering & Manufacturing and Quality Inspections of fixed wing light sport aircraft. CAAC audit team inspected the production facilities of Evektor-Aerotechnik a.s., including component / assembly factories and warehouses.  

Evektor has proven compliance with CAAC requirements for fixed wing light sport aircraft. This means Evektor is fully authorized by the CAAC for further deliveries of light sport aircraft, SportStar SL, to the Chinese market.

“The Quality Management System audited by the CAAC of China together with the US FAA and the European EASA Part 21 Design & Production Organization Approvals represents the continuous compliance of Evektor’s Quality Management System with the highest General Aviation quality standards and is the basis for the highest quality of Evektors’ aircraft”, stated Jaromír Matuška, Quality Manager of Evektor-Aerotechnik.