February 2016

Evektor offers its services in industrial robotics

The Division of Engineering services of Evektor, spol. s r.o. successfully completed the project of designing and activating robotic welding line for automotive industry customer. For this particular line, we selected 4 robots from the KUKA Robotics Company which are, in terms of productivity, able to replace 14 welders.  The designing of robotic workstations included also selection and placement of all safety features, robot programming and supervising the installation of workstations in production plant.

Besides the solutions for automotive industry, Evektor is now offering the designing of robotic workstations and lines for the other industries.

Evektor launched the construction of a new Research and Training center in Kvasiny

In January 2016, after intensive preparations, the Division of Engineering services of Evektor, spol. s r.o. launched one of the most significant investments of  its history – the construction of  a new Research and Training center in the town of Kvasiny, in vicinity of  Skoda Auto company development. Evektor’s Research and Training center will originate new, modern and technologically advanced facility focused primarily on development and construction of cars, their segments and special modifications (e.g. for sport, police or rescue forces). Evektor’s new facilities will provide sufficient technical and technological background for bespoke construction of cars, prototypes, their testing and furthermore, a new space for design and construction of robotized workplaces necessary for serial  production of vehicles and their components. We will introduce unique production and, most importantly, testing technologies many of which have been largely missing in the Czech Republic. The concept of the building itself is also unique, ensuring high level of comfort and ergonomics for employees.

This new building will replace the ramshackle, no longer used property of a former automotive school. A new modern building equipped with modern elements never implemented in the Czech Republic before, starts growing in the center of Kvasiny.

The goal of Evektor is to create a large and high-quality base of professionals operating from Kvasiny branch for other business partners as well. Hradec Kralove and Pardubice regions are offering enough technical schools graduates as well as the development and testing specialists, seeking new opportunities in job market.

After the completion, up to 90 employees of Evektor will find opportunities in the Research and Training center. ‘Thus, Eevektor significantly strengthens its position in the area of an automotive technology development and extends its scopeby another region of the Czech Republic’, said Ing. Miroslav Behavka, the Executive Director.