September 2017

Evektor successfully passed audit from Civil Aviation Authority of China

Team of the inspectors from the Certification Division of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) audited Evektor with focus on production of details and assembly, storage processes - material flow and support of design organization. CAAC audit team reviewed Quality Management System in the area of Quality Assurance, Quality Inspections, Production Acceptance, Design Changes and Quality Records.

Evektor delivers to China its CAAC Certified Light Sport Aircraft SportStar SL that joins a growing popularity among the air clubs on the Chinese market. A regular CAAC audit reconfirmed Evektor´s full compliance with all CAAC requirements for further deliveries of SportStar SL to the Chinese market.

“The Quality Management System audited by the CAAC of China together with aviation production certified by Czech Civil Aviation Authority and the European EASA according to Part 21 represents the continuous compliance of Evektor’s Quality Management System with the General Aviation Quality Standards and is the basis for the best quality of Evektors’ aircraft”, stated Jaromír Matuška, Quality Manager of Evektor-Aerotechnik.