CNC 3D measuring (EN)

CNC 3D Measurement

CNC 3D measuring is an essential part of ensuring production process quality, especially with the high precision of aircraft production. 3D optical measuring/scanning can be considered an evolution as when the optical scanner, compared to contact measuring systems, scans the entire area at once. After scanning the object it creates a computer model and allows its export into diferrent data formats. Another function of optical measuring/scanning is the comparison of physical object with theoretical CAD model and the evaulation of shape and position deviations.

CNC 3D Measurement

Max. part dimensions 1 500 x 800 x 700 mm
Accuracy 0,005 mm

3D scanning

Minimum size of the part 20 mm
Accuracy 0,02 mm
Reverse Engineering Module

Laser Tracker FARO

Mobile laser system for measurement of big parts, production jigs and machinery
Max. part dimensions 20 m
Accuracy 0,025 mm