Customer Experience

Evektor´s SportStar has become the number one choice for training in flight schools worldwide; the aircraft is also popular among private pilots for cross country flying. Some of them have shared their experience:

Sunrise Aviation, John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, California, USA

"Flight instructors like it because it is a really good training airplane. The SportStar is excellent for training, it has nice control responses, students love it as it is so easy to fly and visibility is absolutely unrestricted ..."

Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation, Tipp City, Ohio, USA

"The Evektor SportStar is an exceptional product. It provides my students an excellent training platform. The Evektor SportStar is a very strong platform that is built to last even in the harsh environment of flight training. The SportStar has low operating costs and performs well in my FAA certified FAR Part 141 training program operated by Aviation Sales Inc. in Springboro Ohio."
Steven H. Minnich
Flight Instructor and FTO Manager

Aviator Academy, Stayner, Ontario, Canada

"Our flight school has been successfully operating for almost 5 years with Evektor SportStar airplanes. We tested several other light sport airplanes before we made the decision on which airplane would be the best for flight training. The decision to go with Evektor SportStar was based on these preferences: excellent handling characteristics and performance."
Bob Pesta
Flight Instructor / Aviator Academy

Adelaide Biplanes, Willunga, Australia

"We have now operated 6 of these aeroplanes over the last 9 years in ab-initio training in our busy little flying school here in South Australia.  The fleet hours are now in an excess of 20,000 with an estimate of 100,000 landings. The airframes continue to be amazingly robust with only minor issues with structure around the main gear attachments.  Routine maintenance has been exactly that routine (mostly engine related)! The new canopy design is simply leagues ahead and has worked faultlessly for us. Nose leg as always with any nosewheel aircraft is an area of high stress and wear, the SportStar has proved more durable than most with only the wear parts, bushes etc. needing to be replaced. WE still have no hesitation in recommending the SportStar to anyone, it is a great trainer."
Martin Smyth
Managing Director / Adelaide Biplanes

AB Flight, Allentown, Pensylvania, USA

"In 2005 I made a decision to purchase the Evektor SportStar. In January of 2006 I ordered my first SportStar and put it to work in the flight school. We put 700 hours on that aircraft in less than a year. That SportStar was very popular with flight instructors because of the ease of training pilots in an aircraft with such great flying characteristics. The students liked the aircraft not only because of the ease of operation but also for the attractive styling and comfort of the SportStar. I liked it because of the economical operation and minimal maintenance requirements.
Art Tarola
Flight Instructor / FTO Manager