Design and Development

Aircraft Development

Complete development of aircraft and aircraft components - from the initial design up to prototype production, including flight tests and certification. Evektor is a holder of the Authorization for Design of Small Aircraft certificate (issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic) and the European Design Organization Approval certificate according to EASA Part 21 Section A, Subpart J.

>1380 manufactured
5 certified

Airframe Design and Development

Drak letounu EV-55 Outback

The development of airframes is a complex activity requiring many years of experience along with an innovative approach. Evektor's services include the entire airframe development, including its optimization, development of metal structures and composite parts such as doors, fairings, engine or landing gear nacelles. Airframe development can be followed by design of manufacturing and mounting jigs or interior design, including design of interior panels and interior equipment.

Development of Aircraft Systems

Systémy letounu EV-55

The development of aircraft systems and other equipment is closely connected with the development of airframes. Development is carried out in accordance with construction and operation aircraft regulations. Our specialization is above all the development of airplane control, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, landing gear installations, etc. Development is carried out in a 3D environment, including investigation and elimination of eventual collisions. Production of prototype parts by the rapid prototyping method may also be included in the development process.

Avionics Installation and Design of Electrical Systems

Instalace avioniky

Thanks to our engineers´ experience and abilities, Evektor is able – as one of few in the Czech Republic – to offer qualified installation of avionics and development of aircraft electrical systems. The whole development process runs in a PTC Creo environment with the use of modules pro/CABLING, pro/DIAGRAM and pro/HARNESS or in Catia V5 environment with CABI superstructure. Evektor's activites include:

  • Design of electrical system architecture
  • Design of electrical cable harnesses, including drawing documentation
  • Installation of avionics according to customer requirements and aircraft regulations, including the design of wiring diagrams and cable harnesses
  • Elaboration of the documentation necessary for certification tests of avionics
  • Consultations and analysis in the area of electromagnetic compatibility and protection from the secondary effects of lightning
>300 avionics

Power Unit Installation

Evektor carries out installations of piston and turboprop engines in single-engines as well as in multi-engine aircrafts. Modification of fuel systems, design and optimization of engine cowlings are part of installation. Flight tests and assurance of power unit installation approval of the appropriate aviation authority are also part of development.

Aircraft Tests and Certification

The Airworthiness Department ensures communication with the main aviation authorities: CAA of the Czech Republic, FAA for the USA or EASA for the European Union. We offer services in the area of gaining certification in the small aircrafts category, complete assurance of installation and modification approval, elaboration of certification programs and consulting services concerning the acquirement of certificates for new aircraft parts or equipment.

Automotive Design

Evektor has been continuously cooperating with the leading Czech car manufacturer, Škoda Auto, since 1996. Evektor specializes in the design of sheet-metal parts for car bodies and plastic interior panels including dashboards. Another very successful area is the design of rear-view mirrors.

 Loga Škoda a VW 21 years
of cooperation
on models

Development of Car Bodies

The development of sheet-metal parts includes the concept and design of car body parts or other bigger components, e.g. c-columns, ceiling panels, rear parts of car body parts, the concept and design of doors and opening mechanisms, filling panels of doors or hoods.

Development of plastic parts of interior

The development of plastic parts includes the design of interiors and their parts, filling panels of doors, rear-view mirrors, the concept and design of dashboards, design of accessories, such as drink holders.

Concepts & designs of dashboards and other interior equipment can be part of the solution, as well as exterior design studies.

General Engineering

Evektor has been cooperating with the leading German manufacturer of gardening machines since 1994.

Drtič větví

Evektor has successfully completed a number of projects in the area of optimization of serial products, development support of new products and also pre-development support of new machine concepts and their structural elements. Evektor focuses above all on fulfilment of the customer´s functional and economic requirements while respecting ergonomic, hygienic and other standards.

Evektor standardly carries out design and ergonomic studies, conceptual designs of new machines, designs and optimizations of drives (combustion engines, electric motors and gearboxes), plastic and light metal casings designs, optimizations of parts & subassemblies and machine modernizations.

Steel Building Structures

An important part of Evektor's design activities is the development of steel building structures. The modern architecture often uses unusual and very complex shapes – as can be seen in the case of the roof structure of King's Cross station in London, on which Evektor cooperated with the Seele Pilsen company.

Budovy - mapa

Evektor's objective in the area of building structures is to transfer experience and design principles from aircraft design into new fields and thus enable architects to turn their artistic visions into reality. This results in light and resistant structures with unusual and complex shapes that were once rather difficult to achieve.

Industrial Design

The studio of industrial design has longstanding experience with the design of aircraft and car interiors, as well as with a number of design concepts of new machines and equipment.

Design concepts of industrial machines and equipment – machining centers, garden mechanization, appliances for households, means of transport, etc.

Complete design studies of interiors and exteriors of cars, aircrafts, buses and personal coaches, including 3D-model processing and vizualization.

Design and ergonomic studies of dashboards, seats and control elements, including computer simulations and visualizations.

Optimization of car interiors from the ergonomics and used materials point of view.

The design of details and accessories of car bodies, rear-view mirrors, tail lights, tuning kits, etc.

Digital painting.

Computer vizualizations.

Design of Jigs

Evektor offers you its experience with the development and design of mounting and assembling jigs.

Evektor carries out complex development of manufacturing and mounting jigs not only for the aircraft industry. We specialize in mounting and assembling jigs of large dimensions and assembling platforms. An important part of our offer is the development of CNC machining programs.

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