EMC analyses (EN)

Analyses of Electromagnetic Field and EMC

Today's aircraft are equipped with a large variety of electrical devices that generate electromagnetic fields and thus influence each other. For proper function of avionics and radiostations the electromagnetic interferences among instruments mustn’t interfere with their proper function which is essential for flight safety. This requires experienced engineers, elaborated procedures and advanced software equipment to master electromagnetic compatibility analysis successfully.

EMC analýza letounu

Evektor's teams are ready to help you solve the following tasks

  • Analysis of electromagnetic field behaviour
  • EMC analyses of interactions among individual systems
  • Analysis of cable routing with regard to interaction among individual parts and with consideration of external electromagnetic environment effect
  • Analysis of radio communication means antennas layout
  • Analysis and design of antenna and waveguide elements
  • Analysis of PCB and cable harnesses
  • Analysis of effects of external radiation fields
  • Analysis of indirect effect of lightning

EMC analýza letounu

Advantages of EMC analysis application

  • Operative solutions of potential problems during early phases of design and development
  • Cost savings in production and rebuilding of nonconforming prototypes
  • Prediction and virtual tests of properties of a future real prototype
  • Prediction of conformity with hygienic standards for protection from non-ionized radiation