EuroStar SL/SL+/SLW600

The EuroStar SL is the modern ultralight aircraft that defines standards of quality, reliability and comfort on the UL aircraft market where Evektor-Aerotechnik, as a certified aircraft manufacturer, applies and conforms to the highest standards of General Aviation. More than 1 000 EuroStars operate in 50 countries worldwide make this aircraft one of the most successful on world markets.

EuroStar cockpit

Sporty, sleek & comfortable

The modern sporty look, comfortable cockpit and excellent production workmanship express charisma and reflect Evektor’s dedication and passion for flying. The new stylish interior with the ergonomic cockpit arrangement and 1.18 m shoulder room will keep you relaxed even during long cross country flights.

Certified aircraft production

Certified quality

The uncompromising quality and reliability of the EuroStar SL aircraft is based on 45+ years’ production experience and the manufacturing process being certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The aircraft is manufactured under the same quality management system as certified general aviation aircraft.


Excellent flight characteristics

Excellent handling qualities with proven easy spin recovery, flight stability and a durable metal airframe make the EuroStar SL popular for training in UL flight schools worldwide. The EuroStar SL has passed extensive spin testing during which more than 450 spins in all configurations were carried out – spin test video.

Production of EuroStar

Modern and robust airframe

The EuroStar SL has a robust, anodized and corrosion resistant metal airframe. All construction joints are riveted and adhesively bonded for enhanced durability. Outstanding durability of the airframe has been proven in the intensive operation of the EuroStar SL fleet in flight schools worldwide.

EuroStar in flight

Low empty weight

The EuroStar SL is one of the lightest advanced ultralight aircraft on the market offering the highest useful load for equipment, crew and fuel. The low empty weight has enabled the EuroStar SL to be certified in countries with the strictest empty weight regulations, including the strictest rules of the United Kingdom.

Glider towing

Glider towing

The EuroStar SL is popular for glider and banner towing for considerably lower operating costs compared to conventional General Aviation aircrafts. The EuroStar SL is certified for the towing of gliders up to the weight of 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2.


Elegancy and supreme comfort

The new ergonomic interior with eye-catching luxury & elegancy, outstanding spaciousness and state-of-the art avionics provides supreme comfort for travelling. Comfortable seating with high backrests, adjustable pedals, stylish ventilation control, upholstered arm rests, bottle holders and other cockpit options will keep you relaxed even during long cross country flights.

Outstanding spaciousness and a 360° view

The cockpit has amazing 1.18 meter / 46.5 inches shoulder room, providing enough space even for larger / taller pilots. An almost 360° all-round view provides an excellent cockpit view and situational awareness during all phases of flight.


Avionika - palubní deska

Engine instruments

  • RPM indicator
  • Cylinder head temperature indicator (°C or °F)
  • Electric fuel quantity indicator
  • Oil temperature indicator (°C or °F)
  • Oil pressure indicator (MPa or psi)

Flights instruments

  • Air speed indicator (knots or km/h)
  • Altimeter (feet or m)
  • Magnetic compass
  • Vertical speed indicator (ft/min or m/s)
  • Bank indicator

Firewall forward

  • Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP inclusive slip clutch and Airbox)
  • Propeller Propuls AES 1700/3/R, composite, ground adjustable, spinner
  • 12 V battery
  • Exhaust system
  • Combined engine cooling
  • Dry sump forced engine lubrication
  • Two spark electronic ignition system
  • Electric starter
  • AC generator
  • Engine oil check cup


  • Dual hydraulic brakes (4 pumps)
  • Dual control sticks
  • Mechanical flaps
  • Longitudinal, lateral, flaps and nose wheel control through push / pull rods
  • Throttle control with friction lock
  • Adjustable pedals
  • New design of instrument panel
  • Press-button circuit breaker
  • Nose wheel steering
  • Combined starting switch
  • Choke lever


  • Ventilation system with NACA inlets and canopy side eye-ball vents
  • Standard seats with low back rests
  • De luxe lined interior
  • Four points seat belts
  • Padded seat belt shoulder straps
  • Side map pockets
  • Arm rests
  • Aft baggage compartment with luggage nets
  • „Open / Closed" canopy alert
  • 12 volt auxiliary outlet


  • Advanced all metal anodised and corrosion-proofed airframe
  • All joints of construction riveted as well as bonded for long service life
  • All heads of pop rivets filled with mastic for longevity of riveted joints
  • White colour painting
  • Tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel
  • Main Tires 14x4.00
  • Nose Tire 14x4.00
  • Tinted canopy with UV protection
  • Automotive type latching mechanism with separate canopy lock
  • Fuselage tank (65 l)


  • Ground equipment
  • Canopy cover
  • Pilot operating handbook
  • Maintenance manual
  • Log book
  • Set of aircraft test records

A wide range of the latest equipment for your EuroStar SL customization is available, including a state of the art glass cockpit, autopilot, cockpit comfort package, parachute system and more.

  • State of the art COMM/NAV/GPS avionics from Garmin
  • Advanced integrated avionics – Dynon SkyView / TL Integra
    Integrated avionics system with EFIS and EMS functions, Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System (ADAHRS), multifunction systems including 3D terrain maps, inputs for navigation systems and integrated autopilot.
  • Cockpit comfort package
    Stylish middle console, instrument panel ledge, central and side arm rests, ergonomic grips, bottle holders, pockets at seat front & side panels, extended side panels, design carpets.
  • Comfort high seats
    Comfort seats with high back rests will keep you relaxed also on your cross country flights. Seats are foldable for easy access to a large baggage compartment.
  • Ballistic recovery system
    Airframe parachute system for safety features enhancement in emergency situation. Parachute is anchored to airframe and activated by rocket through control lever in cockpit.
  • Whelen Anticollision beacons, position and landing lights
    Exterior lights with the latest LED technology for energy savings and your outstanding visibility.
  • Skies for winter operation
    Keep on flying also in winter and enjoy glamour of winter scenery.
  • Towing equipment
    Certified for safe and reliable towing of gliders up to 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2.

Download the List of the EuroStar SL Optional Equipment approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik. For reliable and trouble-free functioning of all aircraft systems avoid installation of any equipment not approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik.


EuroStar SL

Dimensions EuroStar SL EuroStar SL+
Length 5.98 m (19.62 ft)
Height 2.48 m (8.14 ft)
Wing span 8.15 m (26.74 ft)
Cabin width 1.18 m (3.87 ft)
Weights & Quantities EuroStar SL EuroStar SL+
Empty weight (standard a/c) 280 kg (618 lb) 288 kg (635 lb)
Maximum take-off weight 472.5 kg (1 042 lb) *
Maximum baggage 15 kg (33 lb) 25 kg (55 lb)
Design load factors +6 / -3g
Operation load factors +4 / -2g
Standard fuel tank capacity 65 l (17.17 120 l (31.7
Long range fuel tank capacity 80 l (21.13 120 l (31.7
Performance EuroStar SL EuroStar SL+
Engine Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp
Never exceed speed 270 km/h (146 kts)
Maximum level speed 240 km/h (128 kts)
Cruising speed 200 km/h (108 kts)
Stalling speed 35 kts (65 km/h)
Rate of climb 7.5 m/s (1 470 fpm)
Service ceiling 6 000 m (19 685 ft)
Take-off run (concrete RWY) 100 m (328 ft)
Landing run (concrete RWY) 180 m (590 ft)
Range - standard tank 750 km (405 nm) 1300 km (700 nm)
Range - long range tank 920 km (500 nm) 1300 km (700 nm)

* MTOW with ballistic recovery system installed. Under ISA conditions. All information can change without a notice.

Engine Rotax 912ULS
No. of cylinders 4
Maximum power 100 hp
Time between overhaul 2000 hours
Fuel Unleaded automotive gasoline or AVGAS 100LL
Propeller Fixed pitch or adjustable on-ground and in-flight


* Range with 80 liters fuel tank.

Quick Build Kit

The Quick Build Kit of the EuroStar SL enables quick and easy aircraft assembly, only 200 hours is required (experienced builders can shorten this time).

Quick Build Kit specification

  • The Quick Build Kit includes all airplane parts, except the engine and its accessories, propeller, avionics and electrical system
  • A complete airframe, which means a riveted airframe painted black inside, riveted vertical and horizontal tail unit and riveted wings
  • Parts for installation of the fuel system, brake system, control system, front and main landing gear, Pitot-static system, and instrument  board (without holes)
  • An upholstery set, carpets, and baggage nets
  • An installation kit for the Rotax 912 engine
  • Documentation

Download the EuroStar SL Quick Build Kit leaflet

Glider and banner towing

The EuroStar SL is a reliable glider and banner towing aircraft with considerably lower operating costs compared to conventional GA aircraft. The aircraft can be used for towing sailplanes up to 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2. Low operating costs, outstanding flight characteristics also in towing and a fantastic all-round view from the cabin make the EuroStar an ideal towing aircraft.

Performances in aerotow flights

Configuration Rotax 912 ULS, Woodcomp SR 3000XC electrically variable propeller
Take-off run to 200 m (with Solo Blanik), to 260 m (Janus), to 300 m (Duo Discuss, 700 kg)
Take-off distance over 50ft obstacle 450 m (550 kg glider) - 600 m (700 kg glider)
Rate of Climb 2-3 m/sec at 100-120 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Cruise speed 120-160 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Avarage fuel consumption 17 l / h
Towing tested up to OAT +34°C.

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