EV-55 - FAQ (EN)

Frequently asked questions

What is the possible delivery date of the EV-55 aircraft?

We expect the EASA type certification process will be finalized in year 2019. The first deliveries of the EV-55 to operators will be carried in the same year.

How long does delivery take after I place an order?

Delivery dates depend on production capacity and backlog. The final delivery date also depends on the sequence of production reservations in the book of orders and shall be determined upon order.

Can I operate the aircraft in my country? Will you help me to obtain the national certificate?

Our primary objective is to obtain EASA and FAA type certificates. Evektor shall provide the necessary support documentation for authorities in other countries if required.

What is the operating cost of the aircraft?

Based on our actual calculations, the operating costs of the EV-55 are lower than its two engine competitors and are very close to its single engine competitors. Operating costs in different countries depend on local operating conditions. In terms of transported weight in pounds per nautical mile, the cost of the EV-55 is even lower than those of its single engine competitors.

Which type of avionics package will be installed?

A fully integrated glass cockpit will be available for EV-55 simultaneously with aircraft entry to the markets.

Will you provide pilot and maintenance training?

We shall provide both pilot and ground staff training for EV-55 customers either at our company headquarters in Kunovice or at the customer´s location.

Do you have dealers/service in my country?

We have been building a dealer, service and customer support network to cover the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Europe.

What financing options do you provide?

We help our customers with the evaluation of financing options and also assist in communication with financing institutions. All financing options will be made known before the introduction of the aircraft to the market.

Can I operate the 14 passenger version of the EV-55?

The operation of the 14 passenger version of the EV-55 that Evektor has also designed is possible only in countries that allow it by their own rules.