Manufacturing capabilities

CNC Machining

Evektor has modern 3-axes and 5-axes machining centers from the Japanese manufacturers MAKINO and DMG Mori, and the Czech manufacturer TAJMAC-ZPS.

CNC 5-axes Continuous Milling

Materials aluminium alloys
Working range 1 500 x 1 000 x 1 200 mm
Working table 800 x 1 000 mm
Speed 30 000 rpm
Materials aluminium alloys
Working range 700 x 600 x 600 mm
Working table 400 x 400 mm
Speed 24 000 rpm

CNC 3-axes Continuous Milling

Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel
Working range 2 000 x 800 x 600 mm
Speed 10 000 rpm
Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel, textolite
Working range 2 030 x 810 x 810 mm
Working table 2200 x 780 mm
Max. table loading 3000 kg
Speed 15 000 rpm
Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel, textolite
Working range 100 x 600 x 500 mm
Speed 10 000 rpm
Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel, textolite
Working range 1 016 x 610 x 760 mm
Working table 1270 x 590 mm
Max. table loading 1350 kg
Speed 12 000 rpm

CNC Turning with Driven Tools

Spindle passage 50,8 mm
Spindle speed 6 000 rpm
Max. work-piece diameter 300 mm
Max. work-piece length 400 mm
Driven tool speed 8 000 rpm
Counter spindle YES*
Tailstock YES*
*using tailstock or counter-spindle

CNC Milling of Developed Shapes

Materials aluminium alloys
Working table 3 600 x 2 000 mm


Round grinding
Max. dimension
Ø 200 x 700 mm
Surface grinding
Max. dimension
200 x 500 mm

Sheet Metal Processing

As an aircraft manufacturer Evektor has extensive experience with the forming of complex metal parts whilst maintaining the highest quality.
The installed modern machinery allows roll-bending, the bending and cutting of sheets or the stamping of complex shape parts.

CNC Sheet Roll-Bending

Materials aluminium alloys
Do length 4 500 mm
Conic bending ≈ up to 4 000 mm
Max. closure < 180°
Thickness 0,5 - 3,0 mm
Max. rolling radius R 15 - R 60

Sheet Metal Pressing - Rubber Press

Hydraulic press 4-column, 2-cylinder
Max. pressing power 10 MN (1 000 t)
rubber press tool max. 20 MPa

CNC Press Brake

Materials aluminium alloys
Length up to 4 000 mm

Sheet Metal Bending

Max. length 3 000 mm
Max. aluminium alloy thickness 5 mm
Max. unhardened steel thickness 3 mm

Sheet Metal Cutting

Materials aluminium alloys
Max. material length 3 150 mm
Max. material thickness 3,0 mm
Min. material thickness 0,4 mm
Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel
Max. material length 2 500 mm
Max. material thickness 4,0 mm
Min. material thickness 0,4 mm

CNC 3D Measurement

CNC 3D measuring is an essential part of ensuring production process quality, especially with the high precision of aircraft production. 3D optical measuring/scanning can be considered an evolution as when the optical scanner, compared to contact measuring systems, scans the entire area at once. After scanning the object it creates a computer model and allows its export into diferrent data formats. Another function of optical measuring/scanning is the comparison of physical object with theoretical CAD model and the evaulation of shape and position deviations.

CNC 3D Measurement

Max. part dimensions 1 500 x 800 x 700 mm
Accuracy 0,005 mm

3D scanning

Minimum size of the part 20 mm
Accuracy 0,02 mm
Reverse Engineering Module

Laser Tracker FARO

Mobile laser system for measurement of big parts, production jigs and machinery
Max. part dimensions 20 m
Accuracy 0,025 mm

Aerostructures & Tooling

Evektor offers its expertise in the manufacturing and design of high-precision assembly jigs and tools.

Přípravek pro montáž křídla


Airframe and Subassemblies Production

Production of airframes and aircraft subassemblies
Aircraft systems installations

Assembly Jigs & Tools Production

Design and production of assembly jigs for aircraft and automotive industry
Jigs and assembly lines installation, including assembly record from 3D measuring

Other Production

Evektor has the expertise to perform extremely specific tasks such as heat treatment, punching, CNC pipe bending, surface painting, sewing and upholstery, welding or CNC water jet cutting.

Punching Machine

Pneumatic punching machine max 3 mm, 100 kN

Heat Treatment

Chamber and shaft furnaces.
Protective atmosphere Argon, Condursal, Kalsen
Annealing and quenching - steel, duralumin

Non-Destructive Testing

Methods capillary, elektromagnetic and coloured defectoscopy

Upholstery and Interior Production

Sewing of large-scale materials in automotive, aerospace and textile industries.
Production of upholstery for cockpits and interiors of aircraft, vessels and trains.
Sewing of leather and textile seat covers and upholstery.


Paintshop area 14 x 11 x 4 m
Painting box size 10,5 x 4,8 x 2,7 m
Drying under controlled temperature
Glasurit painting system


TIG, MIG-MAG, WTU 200, Autogen

CNC Water Jet Cutting

Materials metals, plastics, foams
Working area 4 000 x 2 000 mm
Cutting under angle up to 60°

CNC Tube Bending

Tubes up to 20 mm.

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