Evektor delivers 4 new SportStar RTC to flight training academy in Venezuela

Evektor is pleased to announce a recent delivery of four new SportStar RTC training aircraft to flight academy C.I.A.C.O. in Venezuela.

C.I.A.C.O. - “Centro de Instruccion de Aviacion de Occidente” based at Aeroporto Acarigua (SVAC) in Venezuela, is a professional flight training academy certified by the National Institute of Civil Aviation of Venezuela “INAC”. C.I.A.C.O. provides range of training courses for aviation professionals - Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Cabin Crew, Aeronautical Maintenance Technician, Flight Dispatcher Course and Special Courses. 

For supporting of SportStar RTC practical flight training  the flight school operates also two SportStar RTC flight simulators – equipped with cabin environment, glass cockpit and analogue instrument panels and three large screen visualization system. Service support for the SportStar RTC fleet is ensured by the local aircraft maintenance organization that offers services also to other Evektor SportStar aircraft operators from South and Central America.

Two among four delivered SportStar RTC to C.I.A.C.O. are equipped with the modern dual screen SkyView glass cockpit from Dynon Avionics and two other aircraft are equipped with the traditional 6-pack analogue instrumentation.

The SportStar RTC is EASA certified aircraft for PPL and Night rating training, CPL single engine training and Solo time building in flight training organizations and air clubs. Modern design, outstanding flight characteristics, low operating costs and flight school proven operation reliability make the SportStar RTC an excellent training platform. For pilot touring of private pilots the aircraft offers a spacious cabin, best in class useful load and range up to 1300 km aircraft.

Evektor is a design, engineering and aircraft manufacturing company from the Czech Republic, with almost 50 year aircraft manufacturing experience and sales network in 40 countries. Evektor produces light sport aircraft and has under development utility twin engine turboprop EV-55 Outback for transportation of 9 to 14 passengers. The company produces components for civil and military aircraft industry and has extensive development activities also in automotive and mechanical engineering industry.