Automotive Design (EN)

Automotive Design

Evektor has been continuously cooperating with the leading Czech car manufacturer, Škoda Auto, since 1996. Evektor specializes in the design of sheet-metal parts for car bodies and plastic interior panels including dashboards. Another very successful area is the design of rear-view mirrors.

 Loga Škoda a VW 21 years
of cooperation
on models

Development of Car Bodies

The development of sheet-metal parts includes the concept and design of car body parts or other bigger components, e.g. c-columns, ceiling panels, rear parts of car body parts, the concept and design of doors and opening mechanisms, filling panels of doors or hoods.

Development of plastic parts of interior

The development of plastic parts includes the design of interiors and their parts, filling panels of doors, rear-view mirrors, the concept and design of dashboards, design of accessories, such as drink holders.

Concepts & designs of dashboards and other interior equipment can be part of the solution, as well as exterior design studies.