Aerodynamic analyses (EN)

Aerodynamic Analyses

Aerodynamics is a dynamically developing field. Aerodynamic analyses which began in the area of aircraft design find their applications also in such fields as building industry, production of air conditioning units or interior design.

  • Aerodynamic analyses of aircraft (performances, stability and controllability, input data for static stress analysis)
  • Support for flight tests (development and certification)
  • Support for additional certification analyses 
  • Preparation of data and procedures applicable for flight manuals
  • Air route and economic analyses
  • Customer support and solution of nonstandard operation conditions
  • Airflow analyses and optimization of airflow in the aircraft cabin
  • Airflow analysis around building structures and preparation of documents for the calculation of air loads of building structures, bridges, etc.
  • Aerodynamic and thermal analyses and optimization of car exterior and interior aerodynamics