Rapid prototyping - Intro (EN)

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a group of technologies for the rapid production of parts that are fully functional and with their mechanical properties are very similar to the final product, which they can even replace. These technologies, also widely used in Evektor, include vacuum casting technology and 3D printing by FDM technology.

Printed part by FDM technology

3D Printing by FDM Technology

An advanced technology for the production of prototype parts is especially suitable for the production of individual parts. Production based on 3D data may take from several to dozens of hours. The result is a fully functional prototype part.

Rear car light

Vacuum Casting

Small series production of prototype and final parts in dozens or even hundreds of pieces. Production usually takes several days – depending on the number of produced parts and on the size and complexity of parts.

3D scanning

3D Optical Scanning

A quick check of manufactured parts or a transfer of physical parts into digital data. 3D optical scanning is suitable for the reconstruction of parts, e.g. by means of the reverse engineering method.