About Evektor - Projects (EN)

International Projects

Evektor is actively involved in international cooperation and participates in a number of major research and development projects supported by the European Union and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Clean Sky 2

Clean Sky 2 logoEvektor is actively involved in the all-European research program Clean Sky 2. This program is focused on the research of new technologies in aviation which should reduce ful consumption, emissions of green house gases CO2 and Nox and noise emissions occurring during aircraft operation. The objective is the reduction of theses emissions by 20 – 30 % in comparison with the current state. Total 4 billion Euros will be invested into the research of new technologies until 2024.

In addition to Evektor, the members of the consorcium are:  Airbus, EADS, Fraunhoffer, Alenia Aermacchi, Augusta Westland, Piagio Aero, Safran, Thales, Saab, Dassault Aviation, Liebherr and Rolls-Royce.

For more info about Clean Sky click here.

CESAR - Cost-Effective Small Aircraft

CESAR logoThe Cost Effective Small Aircraft project was focused on the actual development process of aircraft from this category with the aim to reduce the development costs by 20% and to reduce the time necessary for launching a product into the market, the so-called time-to-market, from average 6 years to 4 years.

The technical scope of the project was concentrated on the improvement of development tools in the area of aerodynamics and design of aircraft. Moreover the project dealed with the selected airplane systems which have an essential influence on reducing operating costs and improving passenger transport safety.

The CESAR project was financially supported by the European Union.

IMPERJA - Improving the Fatigue Performance of Riveted Joints in Airframes

The IMPERJA project dealed with the fatigue life improvement of rivet joints, which should lead to airplane service life enhancement, lower frequency of checks and thus to reduction of airplane operating costs. 8 companies from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany were involved in this project.

The IMPERJA project was financially supported by the European Union via the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

ENFICA-FC - Environmental Friendly Inter City Aircraft Powered by Fuel Cells

ENFICA-FC logoThis project dealed with the research and development of an airplane powered by electrical energy from hydrogen through fuel cells. During the project life the electrical power system was developed and installed in the demonstration airplane. 9 companies and institutions from 5 countries were involved in this project.

The ENFICA-FC project was financially supported by the European Union. For more information about the project, see www.enfica-fc.polito.it

ARTEMIS - Analytical Research of Risks in Electromagnetically Integrated Systems

The ARTEMIS project has the objective to create and verify new analytical and experimental methods for the assessment of inherent protection of small aircraft and the systems installed in them from electromagnetic effects of outside environment in all development stages, i. e. from the initial stages of virtual prototype creation up to flight tests, including certification. Three companies and two universities from the Czech Republic are involved in the project.

The ARTEMIS project is financially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.