EV-55 - Avionics (EN)


Primary flight display (PFD) 2 pcs   Mode S Transponder   
Multi-functional display (MFD)     Automatic direction finder optional
Central console unit     Distance measuring unit optional
Flight display controller 2 pcs   TAWS system optional
Integrated digital autopilot     TAS system optional
VOR/ILS/COM receivers 2 pcs   Stormscope optional
GPS receivers 2 pcs   Satellite weather receiver optional
Sensor reference system 2 pcs   Synthetic vision system optional
Magnetometer 2 pcs   Radar altimeter optional
Data concentrator unit 2 pcs   Weather radar optional
Audio panel     HF transceiver optional
MKR receiver        
Airspeed     Vertical deviation - glideslope with glidepath  
Altitude     Magnetic compass  
Vertical speed     Radar altimeter data optional
Attitude with slip/skid indication     Synthetic vision feature optional
Horizontal situation indication     Obstacle display optional
Moving map     Fuel indication - volume, flow, reserve  
Map north indicator     Engine parameters indication  
Wind indicator     Electronic charts (subscription fro Jeppesen required) 
Range ring and compass     TAS data optional
Ground track pointer     TAWS data optional
Waypoint     Satellite weather datalink data optional
Waypoint identifier     Wheater radar data optional
Current leg in flight plan     Lightning data optional
Airport and airport information     DME hold mode indicator optional
VOR/LOC radio active and standby frequency