SportStar RTC - Intro (EN)

The modern design, outstanding flight characteristics and half the operating costs compared to conventional training aircraft make the SportStar RTC an Excellent Training Platform for PPL / LAPL Training, Night Rating and CPL Single Engine Training, Solo Time Building, Maintaining Pilot Licenses and also for Pilot Touring. 

SportStar RTC

The Aircraft for Aeroclubs

The SportStar RTC designed for daily operation in clubs and flight schools has a modern durable airframe, excellent flight characteristics, easy maintenance and low operating costs. During operation you will especially appreciate the reliable Rotax engine, which has low fuel consumption and saves costs through automotive fuel usage.

SportStar RTC

Excellent Flight Characteristics

The SportStar RTC is an easy to fly aircraft with outstanding control harmonies, sensitive to the pilot´s commands at both high and low speeds and with uncompromising stability during flight. These characteristics make the SportStar RTC a favourite of both students and CFIs.

SportStar kokpit

Modern Design

The SportStar RTC design is based on the EASA JAR-VLA certified aircraft and reflects the latest development in design, safety and cockpit comfort found in modern light sport aircrafts. The useful load being the largest in its category and a flying range of up to 1 300 km make the SportStar RTC the perfect aircraft for tourism and travel.

Certified aircraft production

Robust Metal Airframe

The SportStar RTC has a robust anodized and corrosion-proof metal airframe. All structural joints are riveted and adhesively bonded to reach enhanced fatigue life. Excellent strength and reliability of the SportStar has been proven during flight school operations worldwide.


Low Operating Costs

The SportStar RTC was designed to have low operating costs, easy maintenance and to meet the operation specifics of flight schools. A low fuel consumption of 15 l per hour on average and easy maintenance has cut operating costs in half compared to conventional training aircraft.

SportStar RTC

Night Operation Certified

The SportStar RTC is EASA certified for VFR Day & Night Operation, extending pilot training to Night rating with significant cost reduction of training courses and enabling aircraft day & night operation to private pilots.

SportStar RTC

Parachute Rescue System

The SportStar RTC design meets the highest safety standards of General Aviation. Further enhancements of safety features also include an optional parachute rescue system.