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SportStar RTC - The Airplane for Aeroclubs

In France, the market of training aircraft has been a guarded territory of Pierre Robin airplanes for a long time, but from now on more and more aeroclubs desire to have more advance airplanes with lower purchase costs, like the SportStar RTC.
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Evektor Looks At It From Multiple Perspectives

With the introduction of the first CS-LSA-registered Evektor SportStar RTCs, Holland finally has availability of affordable training aircraft. The Czech low-wing aircraft stands out with relatively low operating costs and excellent flight characteristics, making it ideal for pilots training for Private Pilot Licenses (PPL).
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New Standard in Flight Training

he new Evektor´s pilot training airplane the SportStar RTC is combination of excellent flight characteristics, low operation costs, modern design and affordable price. The SportStar RTC airframe comes from the Evektor´s pilot training airplane called EV-97 VLA Harmony, which gained EASA JAR-VLA certification early 2005.
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