EuroStar SL - Towing (EN)

The EuroStar SL is a reliable glider and banner towing aircraft with considerably lower operating costs compared to conventional GA aircraft. The aircraft can be used for towing sailplanes up to 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2. Low operating costs, outstanding flight characteristics also in towing and a fantastic all-round view from the cabin make the EuroStar an ideal towing aircraft.

Performances in aerotow flights

Configuration Rotax 912 ULS, Woodcomp SR 3000XC electrically variable propeller
Take-off run to 200 m (with Solo Blanik), to 260 m (Janus), to 300 m (Duo Discuss, 700 kg)
Take-off distance over 50ft obstacle 450 m (550 kg glider) - 600 m (700 kg glider)
Rate of Climb 2-3 m/sec at 100-120 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Cruise speed 120-160 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Avarage fuel consumption 17 l / h
Towing tested up to OAT +34°C.