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Flying The Evektor Harmony, General Aviation News, USA

The Light-Sport Aircraft movement is coming of age. During the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo held in Sebring, Florida, last month, many LSA manufacturers showed off the next generation of their designs, including Evektor Aircraft.

The Czech Republic-based company, which has the distinction of producing the first LSA certified in the U.S., showcased the Evektor Harmony at the Sebring show. Like its predecessor the popular Evektor SportStar, the Harmony is a low-wing metal design. Although there is a familial resemblance in the design, it’s obvious the engineers at the Evektor factory have been working to improve a good thing. The Harmony has a more refined,
elegant look to it.

“The Harmony is the next evolution for Evektor,” said Steve Minnich, owner of Dreams Come True Aviation in Dayton, Ohio, the midwest sales representative for Evektor Aircraft. “Evektor has some 280 professional engineers. In 40 years they haven’t seen something that they can’t make better.”

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Harmony LSA raising the bar on a history of quality, performance, handling and comfort, Plane&Pilot Magazine, USA

Harmony, the latest model in the company’s ASTM-approved S-LSA flagships, is the next evolution of its SportStar forebears. As such, it represents—from the company that, lest we forget, was the first to ASTM-certify an S-LSA in America—another step forward in top-line, rugged, stable flyers.

One of the very first LSA I flew was the Evektor SportStar, an all-metal, low-wing monoplane with a cute bubbly profile and a stable, confidence-inspiring, long-distance-comfortable, easy to-fly flight personality. In the years since, I’ve had the pleasure to fly another 30 or so LSA, so my perspective is broadening. Even so, it was as clear back then as it is now what well-constructed, solid flying airplanes Evektor, the 40-year Czech aviation company, produces.

Evektor’s designers and engineers refuse to rest on their feathery laurels. By laurels, I mean the more than 1,000 light aircraft they’ve delivered to 40 countries. Evektor encourages customer and dealer feedback, and puts it to good use. The result in Harmony is better all-around performance and handling, more rugged gear and more cockpit room, and lots of other tweaks to the overall quality the line has enjoyed since inception.

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Evektor's Harmony LSA becomes SLSA, By Dan Johnson, USA

Evektor always be First... that is, the Czech company gained the very first Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval back in April 2005 and no one can ever take that first-in-class title away from them. Now they are also the newest approval, before Oshkosh 2011 anyway. Congratulations to Evektor Aerotechnik and their U.S. representatives including Steve Minnich's Dreams Come True operation in Dayton, Ohio. "I got a call right at lunch time that the Evektor Harmony LSA, N905EH, just received her airworthiness certificate," Steve wrote on July 13th. How is Harmony different than the SportStar series (SE, Plus, Max, Max IFR)? Read more from Dan Johnson, the leading reviewer of light-sport aircraft.

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Harmony LSA - the ultimate touring & pilot training airplane, GA Buyer, UK

Fusion of Elegant looks, Great performance and Superb comfort. The Harmony LSA builds on worldwide success of the Evektor´s SportStar and Eurostar aircraft, both of them already over 1000 units are operated in 40 countries all around the world. Comfortable cockpit, outstanding performance parameters with range 700 nm / 1300 km, high useful load up to 637 lb / 290 kg and availability of Turbo and IFR versions make the Harmony LSA number once choice for pilot touring and cross country flying.

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