Dynon Update (EN)

Actual firmware version issued by TC holder

  • Evektor Version


  • to all SportStar RTC airplanes equipped with the glass cockpit Dynon SkyView

File to download

Procedure for updating

  • Download the SkyView Installation Guide at: http://www.dynonavionics.com/ (to update SkyView to FW 15.4.7 it is needed to download the installation manual)

  • Follow the instructions in the SkyView Installation Guide for SkyView

Reversion mode update

Some airplanes are set in the so-called REVERSION MODE to 50% PFD / 50% EMS indication (fixed arrangement of indicated data on the display at a malfunction of one of the displays).

The following update changes this indication to  40% PFD / 20% EMS / 40% GPS.


  • to the following SportStar RTC airplanes:
    S/N 20121504 (TC-OMU)
    S/N 20121505 (TC-OMA
    S/N 20141701 (F-HMAD)
    S/N 20141706 (F-HDLI)
    S/N 20141715 (F-HCFR)

File to download