Rapid prototyping - 3d scan (EN)

3D Optical Scanning

3D optical scanning is in principle the transfer of a physical object into computer data by means of a 3D scanner. In comparison with contact measuring systems the optical scanner scans the entire surface at once. After scanning it creates a computer model of the scanned object and this enables its subsequent export to various data formats. A further function of the optical scanner is the comparison of the physical object with the CAD theoretical model and evaluation of the shape and position deviations.

Advantages of Optical Scanning

  • Immediate creation of a CAD model from the scanned data
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Mobility of measuring equipment
  • Evaluation of deviations from the CAD data delivered by the customer, acquirement of sections, etc.
  • Export of data to various formats
  • Possibility of combination with methods of Rapid Prototyping or CAM systems
  • Flexibility – it is possible to measure objects ranging from several millimetres to several meters
  • Weight and size of the measured object are practically unlimited
  • After surface treatment glossy and transparent objects can be measured

Suitable Use

  • Digitalization of the objects for which no production documentation is available
  • Dimension and shape inspection of objects
  • Reconstruction of damaged objects

Optical Scanning Services

  • Digitalization of objects
  • Evaluation of customer’s CAD data quality
  • Reconstruction of objects and the subsequent creation of a model by means of FDM technologies
  • Measuring at the customer’s production site