Sheets (EN)

Sheet Metal Processing

As an aircraft manufacturer Evektor has extensive experience with the forming of complex metal parts whilst maintaining the highest quality.
The installed modern machinery allows roll-bending, the bending and cutting of sheets or the stamping of complex shape parts.

CNC Sheet Roll-Bending

Materials aluminium alloys
Do length 4 500 mm
Conic bending ≈ up to 4 000 mm
Max. closure < 180°
Thickness 0,5 - 3,0 mm
Max. rolling radius R 15 - R 60

Sheet Metal Pressing - Rubber Press

Hydraulic press 4-column, 2-cylinder
Max. pressing power 10 MN (1 000 t)
rubber press tool max. 20 MPa

CNC Press Brake

Materials aluminium alloys
Length up to 4 000 mm

Sheet Metal Bending

Max. length 3 000 mm
Max. aluminium alloy thickness 5 mm
Max. unhardened steel thickness 3 mm

Sheet Metal Cutting

Materials aluminium alloys
Max. material length 3 150 mm
Max. material thickness 3,0 mm
Min. material thickness 0,4 mm
Materials aluminium alloys, unhardened steel
Max. material length 2 500 mm
Max. material thickness 4,0 mm
Min. material thickness 0,4 mm