VUT100 - Intro (EN)

The VUT100 Cobra is a dream come true for pilots yearning for an airplane that meets almost all of their requirements, with which they will be able to experience moments of freedom and escape from the stereotype of everyday life. The VUT100 Cobra airplane is the perfect choice for travelling, leisure time filled with the pleasure of flying, as well as for pilot training.

Well-balanced parameters

The VUT100 Cobra offers optimally balanced flight parameters. During development we focused not only on airspeed, but also on cockpit comfort and further ergonomic aspects, low aircraft ownership costs and also on its long range of flight.

Perfect shape

The aircraft shape is designed and optimized with regard to the best aerodynamic characteristics. Controllability, stability, airspeed and excellent flight characteristics are the essential parameters taken into consideration during development of its optimum shape.

Comfortable interior

The airplane cockpit can, with its dimensions and comfort level, certainly compete with the comfort offered by higher middle-class cars. The comfortable leather seats are equipped with three-point retractor belts. There is sufficient rear seat space enabling two adults to travel comfortably.

Two versions

The VUT100 Cobra will be available in two versions differing in their power units. The VUT100-120i version is equipped with the Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 engine (200HP) and the in-flight adjustable propeller Hartzell. The VUT100-131i version is equipped with the Lycoming IO-580-B1A engine (315HP).

Low costs of ownership

The VUT100 Cobra aircrafts are designed to enable quick and easy access to airframe parts requiring inspections and maintenance. The number of nodes requiring inspections and adjustments has been minimized. Airplane operation without overhauls means a significant reduction of technical inspections and maintenance costs, the result of which is a corresponding reduction in airplane ownership costs.

Resistant airframe

The airframe of this airplane is produced from traditional materials, i.e. duralumin. The airplane structure was designed by means of 3D-design systems and optimized by the advanced finished element method (FEM). The result is the robust, strong, corrosion resistant and very light-weight structure of a new generation, which provides comfort, safety and a long airframe service life.