Procedure for verification of the signature certificate

  1. Installation of certificate of the Certification Authority Evektor
    • download the file containing AD-CA certificate and unzip it (if the file is not unzipped automatically)
    • right-click on the AD-CA.cer button and select "Install certificate"
    • then click on the „Next“ button
    • in the next window, select "Place all certificates in the following directory“ and click on the „Browse“ button
    • select the second option "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and then click on the "OK" button
    • then click on the "Next" and "Finish" buttons
  2. Adobe Reader 11 / DC settings for signature validity verification
    • run Adobe Reader 10/11/DC
    • select "Preferences" in the top menu
    • then select the "Signatures" tab and select "Next" in the "Verification" submenu - refer to the figure below
      Adobe Acrobat Preferences window
    • select the option „Current time“ in the „Verification Time“ submenu
      Signature Verification Preferences - Adobe Acrobat
    • click on the “FINISH” button